Janice Anderson


The Issues that concern me for DuPage County:

Storm Water Management

  • Secure more county funding for local Storm Water Projects
  • Protect the quality of life and public health of our residents
  • Protect PROPERTY VALUES for our local residents

Intergovernmental Cooperation and Reduction of Costs

  • Consolidate services to give the best quality of government services at a low cost
  • Eliminate duplication and waste to SAVE you money
  • My skills as a businesswoman in the private sector will be very important in this area

Low Taxes, Economic Development, & Job Creation

  • Recruiting businesses that will be a good fit for our communities
  • Lessen the tax burden on residents by stimulating sales tax producing businesses
  • Create quality and reliable JOBS for our residents

Maintain and enhance a High Quality of Life

  • Keep DuPage County residents safe
  • Be an advocate for safe & quality schools for our children
  • Be mindful of our SENIOR CITIZENS and their needs